Top 10+ Proxy Services for Antidetect Browsers

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Proxy is one of the key elements in working with traffic arbitrage and antidect browsers. It is a basic tool for accessing Internet markets in most countries. There are different types of proxies, which differ significantly in price and quality.

Details about how proxies work, what they look like and how to configure them in AdsPower were explained here, here and here. We recommend these articles for new users.

Today we will analyze the top 10 quality proxy providers for those arbitrageurs who use antidetect browsers. The proxy market is peculiar and multifaceted: there are many kinds of proxies and different ways to pay for them. When choosing a proxy provider, it is important to find the one that will best serve your needs. So feel free to research everyone, choose your own, and get to work!

Bright Data

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Bright Data serrvice is already integrated with our browser, so on their website you can find a simple and detailed description of all the necessary settings. In addition to a large number of proxies, you can buy valuable datasets: both ready-made and those that are parsed specifically for you.

Follow this link and if you deposit $500, you can get $500 as a gift!


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Oxylabs provides various useful tools and API integration capabilities in addition to residential and datacenter proxies.

New users can follow this link and use the promo code ADSPOWERSUMMER25 to get a 25% discount on the first monthly plan.


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IProyal has many types of proxies for all tastes, with quality content in the blog and a lot of information about the uses of particular proxies.

There is a 10% discount available by with the promo code ADSPOWER.


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NetNut provides parsing and proxy services with rotation, many forms of payment are available.

You can get a 15% discount if you register through the link.


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Proxys.io automates the process of issuing addresses. It has a checker and accepts various payment methods. The platform also has its own interesting blog.

With the promo code adspower you can get a 5% discount on all tariffs.


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SOAX provides large number of quality proxies are available on this platform with the ability to inexpensively test any tariff.

With the promo code ADSPOWERNET20, new users can get 20% off everything for the first month.


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On Proxy-Seller you can choose proxies by type, region, and purpose of use. Discounts are available for big volumes and long term rentals.

With the promo code ADSPOWER20 you will get a 20% discount on any purchase you make.

The Social Proxy

the social proxy

The Social Proxy provides high-quality 5G & 4G proxies that supply an unlimited connection. What's special about The Social Proxy is that their proxies are made for automation, which is to say, their service is designed to improve automation.

Coupon code adspower_tsp10 gives 3 days free trial + 10% discount (lifetime discount).


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Hydraproxy has a large selection of mobile proxies. There is a lot of useful information and, among others, a guide to working with AdsPower.

With the promo code HYDRA20 you can get 20% extra on your deposit.


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To access the Proxy-Cheap dashboard, you need to register. You will then have access to proxy, VPN, and data collection services.

With the promo code PowerCheap you will get a 10% discount on services (valid for the first 100 users).


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Proxy-Store offers 24/7 support, flexible rates, proxy checker, spam databases and even free proxies!

The promo code adspower-7 will give you a 7% discount, which is valid till 08.01.2023


proxy sale

Proxy-Sale offers proxies based on type and location, and guarantees their operational efficiency for specific services.

With the promo code adspower20 you will get a 20% discount on any purchase you make.

If you have any problems with proxy settings or need any advice on proxy selection, the AdsPower team is always there for you – links are all here.

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